The future of Xperience is now!

The two-day Kentico Xperience Connection 2022 event for marketers and developers has been and gone but it's not too late to catch the latest insights, market trends, and product news from DXP experts. 


Watch the sessions from Connection 2022 and get excited for the future with Kentico Xperience.

Day One:

Join the digital experience journey

Dominik Pinter
Managing Director at Kentico Xperience

Get ready to embrace the future as we share our vision and overall transformation of our business, the development of the DXP market, and the digital experience journey we’re all excited for.

Matej Stefanik
VP Product at Kentico Xperience

Get the latest product development news from Kentico Xperience, including the roadmap for Kentico Xperience 13, our brand new offering, and Xperience Managed Cloud Service.

David Komarek
Lead Product Manager at Kentico Xperience

Get a taste of how you will be able to use Xperience by Kentico. We’ll showcase some of the exciting possibilities.

James Turner
Sales Enablement Director at Kentico Xperience
Learn how you can be one of the first to get your hands on Xperience by Kentico.
Hosted by: Jenda Perla
VP Marketing at Kentico Xperience and panel host

Digital experience maturity is the key to success! We hosted three panel discussions, covering what it is, why it’s important, how to assess it, and how to grow it.


Day Two:

How to create exceptional digital experiences

David Slavik
Product Strategist

Explore how you can leverage Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Kentico Xperience 13. See how the technologies from the latest Refreshes can work for you and how they will make your life easier.

James Turner
Sales Enablement Director at Kentico Xperience
Start planning the future of your DXP. Discover the best way to leverage Kentico Xperience, including when and how you might want to migrate to Xperience by Kentico.
David Komarek
Lead Product Manager at Kentico Xperience

We’re evolving. The DXP market is evolving. Are you ready for what’s next? Discover Xperience by Kentico.

Debbie Tuček
Senior Product Manager
Dive into the new Xperience Managed Cloud Service. We’ll take a closer look at the core features and benefits, the provisioning to deployment process, and the Cloud Service Management Portal.
Priya Patel
Market Research Analyst at G2

How can organizations use a DXP to tackle business challenges? What features are others using to propel them into the future? Let’s dig into the data.

Mike Wills
Vice President of Technology at Bluemodus

Mike Wills shares his journey to overcome design-system thinking when implementing an omnichannel content strategy and the two essential qualities of a content model.

Jake Kula
DXP Lead at Revium

Explore the other kind of return on investment (ROI) associated with adopting a digital experience platform (DXP). ROI is not only how much benefit a DXP can bring based on its features. It's also how much it can save long-term by minimizing the investment costs associated with adapting to your changing business. The latter is sometimes an after-thought when making the important decision of platform selection.

Jeroen Fürst
Software Architect at TrueLime

Every organization has to deal with it. An aspiring colleague has agreed to join your company and you can start preparing. You want to ensure that that first all-important impression remains positive when you join the company. A tool for this is the digital work environment. Wouldn’t it be great if you could use it to guide the process of onboarding employees?

Learn more about the tool, the steps involved and how you can use marketing automation now and the role of AI in the future for new employees.

Ondrej Noak
Customer Success Manager at Kentico Xperience​

Learn how you can the best Kentico Xperience support for your projects. Primarily aimed at partners (clients welcome too), this session will reveal how you can leverage customer success packages to help make your team more confident and ensure clients get the most out of Kentico Xperience.

Ondrej Noak
Customer Success Manager at Kentico Xperience​
Lukas Bajer
Training Specialist​ at Kentico Xperience​

Discover the benefits of implementing online marketing features. We’ll take a look at how a less digitally-mature client who understands basic ideas and concepts but uses very few digital marketing features in a third-party tool can take their digital marketing to the next level.

This session is suitable for technical and business leads, project managers, and solution architects.

Dmitry Bastron
Solutions architect at UNRVLD

How do you choose the right e-commerce solution for your existing website? What are the main advantages of using Kentico Xperience e-commerce module in a headless architecture? Let’s look at ROI and some important technical aspects for the implementation.

Brian McKeiver
Partner & Senior Developer at BizStream

Let's review how to accomplish highly available architecture for Kentico Xperience 13 websites in Azure. We will see how to leverage PaaS based resources like Azure App Services, Azure SQL Databases, and other Azure resource types that allow Kentico Xperience to scale, be more fault tolerant, and ultimately provide more uptime for your website.

This session is for developers and end clients who want to leverage Azure to host their Xperience sites.

Andy Thompson
CTO at Luminary

What does the upgrade or migration path look like from a client or partner point of view? You might have been with Kentico for years, or you might be evaluating the platform right now. No matter where you are on the roadmap, there is a path forward, and I'll attempt to guide you through it!

Trevor Fayas
Senior Software Engineer at Heartland Business Systems

Learn about the must-have time-saving tools, systems and methodologies from MVPs and community members you need to speed up the development of your projects.
How to share your Kentico Xperience 13 code with the community. Watch the video tutorial by Trevor here:

Sean G. Wright
Chief Solutions Architect at WiredViews

Content modeling is key to any successful Kentico Xperience project. Once completed, it's up to the development team to use Kentico Xperience's features to fulfill all of the content management and digital marketing requirements. Let's explore some techniques which ensure the application code aligns with the content model, creating a flexible and robust content management experience.

Behind the scenes

A huge thanks to everyone that attended the event and made it happen. See you next time!

Kentico Xperience Connection 2022

Behind the scenes

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