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Kentico’s first ever Marketing Track is an intensive and content-rich program for marketing professionals interested in staying ahead of their game; where they can learn the secrets of digital marketing with up-to-the-minute knowledge. Delivered by a host of industry experts.
The registration fee for this track is 99 AUD.



Common for all tracks


Social Media: The rise of social photography and what changes when your customers are communicating in images instead of words by Alan Jones, The New Agency

The stats tell us we’re spending more and more time online taking, editing and sharing videos and photos. We uploaded 380 billion photos last year, an estimated 10% of all the photos ever taken in the history of photography.

It’s fun, sure, but there has to be more to it than that to drive those kinds of numbers. What’s behind the psychology of photo sharing? And how do we as marketers tap into this visual play? How do we developing engagement with the messages and brands we represent and stop just displaying ads?


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Common for all tracks


The role of brand journalism by Scott Pettet, Lewis PR

Never before has it been easier to tell our stories in our own words, to share the images that shape our lives, to discuss what matters most to us and to deliver compelling news to others around the world. Whether you work for a media organisation, a multi-national corporation or a small start-up, publishing platforms are now available and accessible to every one of us. Companies generating their own news and business leaders establishing their own media platforms are developments that are here to stay. The only question is how brands can make the most of this new media paradigm.


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Common for all tracks


Branding: Content is the New Advertising by Jason Davey, Bullseye

In today’s world of cluttered and fragmented media, it’s important to understand that the old rules of building your brand have changed. Find out how you can take advantage of content marketing by seeing how brands have successfully implemented content marketing strategies to build brand awareness and customer engagement.


Lunch Break

Common for all tracks


Mobile: Reach vs Reach-To App or Not to App by Jeff Willinger, Rightpoint

The need to access information immediately and quickly off-site has become a huge priority. What are the key points to consider when developing a mobile strategy? What is the business case? Understanding the cost benefit analysis and considering the security issues are two key early steps in the process. Apply the Rich / Reach spectrum to assist in planning and analysis of your mobile initiatives and understand the approaches for taking your site or application mobile
•             Overcoming the challenges of the same user using multiple devices
•             There are different requirements for mobile vs. desktop users
•             What mobile applications are available in the market?


Product Planning – Online marketing (only pre-registered attendees) by Oldrich Januska

What features do you think are needed to make Kentico On-line marketing the go to solution for customers and partners? Join this session for a structured product planning exercise for Kentico On-line marketing.
Co-speaker of this session is Thomas Robbins.

Session level: 200


Social Event/Ask the Experts

Ask the Experts:
Got questions and want answers! Join us for an exciting evening of interactive discussions with Kentico executives, technical leaders and partners.

Social Event:
All attendees are invited to the dinner and some drinks after Ask the Experts. Common for all tracks