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Here to educate, enlighten and inspire you, are our hand-picked experts; eager to share the value of their insights and the benefit of their experience and expertise. They are keen to meet you all at the 2-day conference, hear about your experiences, and answer any questions you may have.

Kentico Experts at Kentico Connection 2013 include:

Petr Palas

In 2004, Petr Palas started Kentico as a profit-funded, no-venture-capital company. Since then, Kentico has continued to grow rapidly each year and is currently a company of over 100 people with a network of 1,200+ partners spanning 90 countries. Before starting Kentico Software, Petr Palas already had 5 years’ of experience in software development and marketing in Moravia IT, the leading IT localization company, where he led the PortSight division, focused on the development of website portals and components on the Microsoft .NET platform.
Twitter: @PetrPalas

Martin Hejtmanek

Martin leads the development of Kentico CMS and deals with its architecture and core programming. He joined Kentico soon after its birth, 8 years ago, and was one of the company’s first full-time employees. He knows every single part of the Kentico solution, so you can ask him just about any technical question related to Kentico.
Twitter: @martinh_kentico

Thomas Robbins

Thom Robbins is the Chief Evangelist for Kentico Software. He is responsible for evangelizing on-line marketers, Web developers, Web designers and interactive agencies to Kentico CMS for ASP.NET. Prior to joining Kentico, Thom had been at Microsoft Corporation since 2000 and served in a number of executive positions. Most recently, he led the Developer Audience Marketing group that was responsible for increasing developer satisfaction with the Microsoft platform. Thom also led the .NET Platform Product Management group responsible for customer adoption and implementation of the .NET Framework and Visual Studio. He was also a Principal Developer Evangelist working with developers around the world on implementing .NET-based solutions.
Twitter: @trobbins

Petr Vozak

Petr is the Group Product Manager responsible for future enhancements of the E-commerce solution, meaning he is focused on market research and collecting feedback from customers to make sure the E-commerce solution evolves the right way.
Twitter: @PetrVozak

Stepan Kozak

Stepan joined Kentico in June 2007 (around version 2.2). He is now the leader of the Core & Data development team at Kentico. His team is focused on low-level generic code including K# macro engine and REST integration. You can discuss various topics including Macro Engine (K# language features) and REST support.
Twitter: @KozakStepan

Karol Jarkovsky

Karol is leader of Kentico Consulting Group delivering professional services to our clients. He joined Kentico Software more than 5 years ago as a Support Engineer and switched to being a Developer a year later. He still actively engage with clients in their projects. As Kentico's Sr. Solution Architect, he provides recommendations, best practices and suggestions on how to avoid pitfalls when planning, developing and using Kentico CMS. He reviews project architecture  to show customers how to achieve their goals faster while using less resources. Karol is also author of Kentico’s very first Deliver Now! Methodlogy.

Dominik Pinter

Dominik joined the Kentico team six years ago and now he works as Group Product Manager for SaaS and Cloud (Windows Azure, Amazon AWS, etc.). He is also responsible for Kentico+ which is the SaaS offering of Kentico EMS. Dominik‘s big passion is Web application security, so he also oversees the security of Kentico CMS/EMS. You can discuss any of these or more general topics with him, like Integration/Unit testing or code quality.
Twitter: @DominikPinter

Juraj Hrinik

Juraj joined Kentico in 2007. Since then he works in development from junior developer to technical leader position and now he works as Group Product Manager for Community & Intranet (Chat, Blogs, Forums, User Contributions etc.) and will be responsible for feature developments in these areas of the Kentico CMS.
Twitter: @hrinik

Eric Webb

Eric is responsible for sales operations worldwide and is accountable for all associated key business development initiatives. He provides input for the future development of Kentico EMS, and maintains strategic alliance partnerships. Eric joined Kentico Software in the fall of 2008 and brings over 9 years of experience in enterprise software sales and Web content management. His approach to building and managing the US team has given Kentico Software the ability to establish a successful North American presence and extend a 24/7 support service worldwide.
Twitter: @ecwebb

Radek Pribyl

Radek joined Kentico three years ago and quickly became a valued member of the Development models team. He works there as a developer and is responsible for the Portal engine, CMS controls and web parts. His previous job was at the Department of Health Western Australia where he deepened his knowledge of the .NET technology.
Twitter: @RadekPribyl

Oldrich Januska

Oldrich is responsible for developing Kentico’s Product Strategy and making sure Kentico brings the right solutions to the market. He is passionate about understanding the market and customer needs. Prior to joining Kentico, he had been with SAP, Siebel Systems and Autodesk in the USA and Europe.
Twitter: @OldrichJanuska

Marketing track Speakers:

Martin McInnes, The Church Agency

Martin McInnes is managing director of The Church Agency. In 1992 he established his own marketing consultancy The Church Agency. He has been working on defining propositions and integrating Go-To-Market strategies. He has strongly been involved in the brand, value and sales propositions focussed on accelerating the development of brand equity and supporting sustainable growth.

Mary Shank Rockman, MSR Communications

Mary Shank Rockman has over 20 years of global marketing communications experience with high technology and consumer lifestyle companies. She founded MSR Communications, an award-winning public relations firm that specializes in providing superior communications management services to technology, B2B and consumer lifestyle companies to provide clients with strategic communications counsel and impactful social marketing programs that result in consistent message delivery and create significant visibility.

Chris Blake, MSR Communications

With more than 13 years of entertainment and PR experience, Chris Blake develops and implements strategic global public relations programs that help transform today's enterprise and personal technology, and consumer-lifestyle companies into tomorrow's industry leaders. Specializing in products/company launches, media relations, messaging, strategic counsel, and crisis management for information/network security, email/instant messaging and mobile content and wireless applications companies, his industry experience also includes interactive TV, online advertising, application integration, location-based services, and supply chain management.

Cappy Popp, Thought Labs

Cappy Popp has over 15 years of in-depth experience in multiple areas of software development. Formerly a top software engineer and internal consultant at several profitable startups, Cappy has created successful applications that are not only fun, but have real utility in news, debugging, data reporting, large systems integration and communication. He is also the co-author of Essential Facebook Development that details the entire process of creating, deploying, and promoting a lucrative Facebook application. He is successfully designed, implemented, and tested large social media strategies for many large companies and has been involved with every major social platform launched in the last decade. A recognized Facebook expert, he is a well-known speaker at many industry conferences.

Phil Hendrix , GigaOm Pro

Dr. Phil Hendrix is the founder and director of immr and an analyst with GigaOm Pro, specializing in market opportunities for disruptive new products and services. Utilizing innovative research methods, Dr. Hendrix helps clients identify and verify customer needs, develop compelling solutions and find the sweet spot that spurs adoption.  Within the digital landscape, Phil focuses on the intersection of mobile, location and social (SoLoMo), M-commerce and mobile payments. Clients include SAP, YP, Coca-Cola, Huawei, Barnes & Noble, AT&T, and others. In recent reports Phil has examined Mobile and Loyalty, Consumers' Digital Signals, SoLoMo and its Impact on Advertising and Retailing, Hyperlocal Mobile Advertising, and Location-based Innovation. Before founding immr, Phil was a partner with DiamondCluster (now PwC strategy group) and principal with Mercer Management Consulting (now Oliver Wyman). Previously, he was a professor at Emory University and the University of Michigan, where he also received his PhD.  Phil is on the web at and on Twitter at @phil_hendrix.

Partner Speakers

Brian McKeiver


Ellen Radis


Jason Prigg and Molivouth Boulom

CSI Inc,-Inc

Kim Testa


Michael Kinkaid

Ecentric Arts

Tadd Barnes

Chief Digital Officer, Fuse ideas