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Two days of case studies on and best practices for solving real world challenges. Presented by people using Kentico every day.


Registration and Breakfast

Common for all tracks


Team Development Best Practices for Kentico CMS by Brian McKeiver

The Team Development Best Practices for Kentico CMS session is intended to show you how to be as efficient as possible when developing in teams for your Kentico project. Topics covered will include how to setup multiple environments that enable various resources to collaborate as painlessly as possible, a review of using third party source control management systems, working with document and object versioning, and deploying changes between development, staging, and production.


Coffee Break

Common for all tracks


E-Commerce & Kentico EMS - The Perfect Pair by Adam Reece

A case study presentation of how BizStream utilizes Kentico Enterprise Marketing Solution to deliver web sites like Sauder Woodworking Company's and Bendix/King's e-commerce solutions. See how using Kentico EMS personalization features can take your web site to the next level.

Extending Kentico for Social Engagement by Brant Cline

This session will explore the various ways that DATA, Inc. has leveraged, extended, and integrated with the features available within the Kentico CMS and EMS to increase the social interactivity of Kentico-based websites. The talk will touch on our approach to best practices for extending Kentico that will maximize compatibility with upgrades, as well as common business and marketing goals that can be met with creative use of Kentico’s features.


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Common for all tracks


Think: Mobile First. Responsive-ize your next site by Adam Hostetter

Microsoft predicts that mobile Internet browsing will take over desktop usage in 2014. Often poor navigation, design, and usability can diminish visitors’ interests in your website. Responsive design embraces the right combination of design techniques that bring your web users a totally enhanced browsing experience, no matter which device they use or how they hold it. Explore and discover how your organization’s website can be transformed, adding measurable value to your online presence.


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Common for all tracks


Studer Group: A 360 Degree Solution for a Healthcare and Management Consulting Organization by Mike Whalen

Learn how the CMS, EMS, E-Commerce and Integration Bus were developed and deployed in harmony to produce a complete solution for Studer Group. Mike will cover how the EMS suite is used to support the complex partner organization ecosystem in additional to how the e-commerce system was extended to support Studer Group’s business requirements. He will also dive into how the Integration Bus is leveraged to provide complete integration with the financial system and process orders in real-time to the third party fulfillment house and how this entire solution works seamlessly across both line-of-business websites.

Using the Kentico Platform to Support Government Contracts by Ellen Radis

Advocates for Human Potential, a health and behavioral health consulting firm is using the Kentico platform to develop collaboration websites to support our Federal Contracting work.  We have two operational sites – BHTalk and BHBusiness and we recently were awarded a new contract in which we will build and deploy a third website.  In BHTalk, we are using the Kentico platform to create collaborative environment for behavioral health providers, funders and consumers across the country to support training and technical assistance, develop policies, pilot new products as well as manage contracts and communicate with funders.  BHBusiness hosts over 45 learning networks that support close to 1500 substance abuse and mental health treatment providers in changing their business practices to prepare for the implementation of the Affordable Care Act.  We are in the process of building a third website that will support work being done around Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder Center for Excellence. 


Coffee Break

Common for all tracks


Integrating Kentico with 3rd Party Software by Jason Prigg and Molivouth Boulom

Learn how the Kentico authentication and search functions can be integrated with 3rd party software to create a seamless integration experience for your end users!


Coffee Break

Common for all tracks


Looking forward with Kentico CMS by Oldrich Januska

Co-speaker of this session is Martin Hejtmanek. Common for Technology and Partner tracks