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Kentico-led track delivering informative technical and deep-dive sessions as well as insights into the powerful digital marketing tools at your fingertips. Brought to you by key Kentico people. The Technology track sessions have been assigned levels reflecting their technical depth and therefore the level of technical knowledge recommended for optimal learning:
100   Introductory level
200   Scenario-based content
300   Deep technical sessions



Common for all tracks


Opening Keynote featuring Petr Palas

Common for Technology and Partner tracks


Coffee Break

Common for all tracks


Welcome to the smart E-Commerce solution! by Petr Vozak

Many studies continue to show that online sales are climbing steadily across the world. Are you ready to drive sales and maximize your site profits with Kentico E-commerce? Join this session to see how Kentico provides the tools you need to make any e-commerce site successful.

Session level: 100


Coffee Break

Common for all tracks


Digital marketing best practices by Thomas Robbins

Kentico EMS provides innovative ways to give your customers a great experience on every site visit. Join this session to learn how to identify initiatives that drive revenue, customer success or operational effectiveness using Kentico EMS.

Session level: 200


Lunch Break

Common for all tracks


Security best practices with Kentico CMS by Dominik Pinter

Web security is a crucial part of Kentico technology, and something we take very seriously. Join this session to learn how to keep your information safe when using Kentico CMS, and learn how to secure your website.

Session level: 200


Coffee Break

Common for all tracks


Deep Dive - Kentico API by Stepan Kozak

Extensibility continues to be one the most important aspects of Kentico CMS. With such a huge list of API choices – what’s the best to solve your problem? Join this session for a deep dive into the Kentico API.

Session level: 300


Coffee Break

Common for all tracks


Kentico CMS - Keeping your house clean by Karol Jarkovsky

Site performance and maintenance are essential in maintaining a production site. Join this session to understand maintenance optimization best practices for your Kentico CMS site.

Session level: 200


Coffee Break

Common for all tracks


Product Planning - E-commerce (only pre-registered attendees) by Petr Vozak

What features do you think are needed to make Kentico E-Commerce the go to solution for customers and partners? Join this session to participate in a structured product exercise for Kentico CMS E-Commerce.
Co-speaker of this session is Karol Jarkovsky.

Session level: 200


Ask the Experts/Social Event

Got questions and want answers! Join us for an exciting evening of interactive discussions with Kentico executives, technical leaders and partners.

It will be held at the extraordinary New England Aquarium where we shall dine alongside 80 penguins and a 200,000 gallon giant ocean tank! Common for Technology and Partner tracks