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Kentico’s first ever Marketing Track is an intensive and content-rich program for marketing professionals interested in staying ahead of their game; where they can learn the secrets of digital marketing with up-to-the-minute knowledge. Delivered by a host of industry experts.
The registration fee for this track is $49.



Common for all tracks


Branding: Why do 90% of campaigns fail? by Martin McInnes, The Church Agency

Even the top marketing guru’s will admit that most of their campaigns were deeply flawed. What’s worse, success it is often monopolized by a very few brands who get it right year after year.

This presentation takes delegates through the client-agency value-chain. It highlights 8 key pinch-points that can help you evaluate strengths and weaknesses in your campaign planning and execution process.


Coffee Break

Common for all tracks


PR: Content and Collaboration: The New Global Marketing Opportunity by Mary Shank Rockman, MSR Communications

Content marketing has evolved traditional marketing practices to become the ‘new normal.’ To be successful content marketers, brands must leverage the most effective strategies and best strengths from their creative teams. This represents an exciting opportunity for all agencies to showcase their specific areas of expertise—from social media to video production, development, design and public relations—each has a piece of the pie. In order to create the most relevant and valuable content for clients, multi-disciplinary agencies must work together and collaborate. This often means collaborating across globally dispersed organizations and teams. Mary Shank Rockman will speak about this new reality of marketing; how it requires a new process and share successful examples. She will also address the requirements for success that benefit each agency involved and deliver the most effective integrated marketing campaigns to clients.


Coffee Break

Common for all tracks


Social Media: Essential Social Media Metrics: What you Should Be Tracking and Why by Cappy Popp, Thought Labs

"2/3 of the global internet population uses social networking regularly. Your resistance to its adoption is futile. If your brand wants to compete in this space mastering the metrics that matter is critical. Which ones do matter? We'll help you understand ones that do."


Lunch Break

Common for all tracks


Mobile: Engaging Users in the Mobile and Social Era by Phil Hendrix , GigaOm Pro

Dr. Hendrix will share immr research and perspectives on:
- Connectedness and its Implications
- Customer Expectations in the Digital Era
- Location, Context and Other Digital Signals
- Disruptive Mobile Innovation
- Aligning Development with Market Opportunities